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SIN Yin Program

Welcome to SIN Yin, a Yin yoga program designed for service industry and sex industry workers.


SIN Yin strives to create a safe, and welcoming space for those who work late nights to unwind after their shifts. Our donation based, late-night sessions are held Monday nights from 11pm-1am and Thursday & Friday nights from 11pm - 4am at 32 NE 7th Avenue in Central Eastside PDX. These sessions are designed to be open format, so you can come in and join class whenever you get to the studio.  We have mats and props, so just bring yourself. 

Our program also offers off-site staff wellness sessions at your restaurant or bar venue.  We can come to you and offer short pre or post-shift demonstrations to your crew to provide them with the tools to take care of their bodies while they're working.

Email or call/text (971) 347-7208 for inquiries.


About Rachel and SIN YIN

Rachel Brooks (she/her), owner of Yin Yoga Space (home to SIN Yin) and Seeking Space Yoga in SW Portland.


Rachel has worked in the service industry for 18+ years, both in nightclubs, dive bars, restaurants, as well and strip and sex clubs. After several years, the industry started to take a toll on her and she realized that the lifestyle she was living was not sustainable. She was always tired, and not prioritizing her mental, physical, or emotional health.


SIN Yin was created with the service and sex industry in mind, knowing how valuable it would be to have something healthy and holistic to do after a shift, rather than drinking or whatever else we do to wind down. The only options are to go home, overstimulated, to try and come down from a long shift, or drink - that’s it. We want to change that. We want to create a healthy option, and a safe space for us.


SIN Yin is a passion project close to Rachel’s heart that’s five years in the making. It’s time for those of us who are constantly serving others, to finally have a place to go to take care of ourselves. Whether you’re a bar back, sous chef, bartender, or stripper, SIN Yin is for you! We couldn’t be more excited to open our doors in the Fall and start building this community.


To learn more about SIN Yin, Seeking Space Yoga or for interview requests, please email

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