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Our mission is to remove the stigma and stereotype that yoga is for a particular demographic or population. We are committed to accepting you as you are and nothing less. Yin Yoga Space is a judgement-free all welcoming studio focused on your health and relaxation through mindfulness and movement. Body positivity, gender inclusion and ethnic diversity is the baseline of our core existence and we seek to create a welcoming environment for everyone.



Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks

Rachel Brooks is the owner and an instructor at Yin Yoga Space in Central Eastside PDX.


A Portland-native and longtime advocate of accessible yoga, Rachel founded Yin Yoga Space in part to open up yoga as an option for workers in Portland’s service and sex industries.


It’s Rachel’s belief that yin yoga can help tremendously with anxiety, detox and trauma and throughout her eighteen years in the service industry, Rachel found yoga to be a positive way she could wind down after shifts. She found herself looking for a place she could practice after her shifts.

Yin yoga was life-changing for me. The benefits have trickled into so many other aspects of my life.  It's the practice that I've also witnessed do the most for my students and community. It is truly what we need to balance our lifestyle as Americans and for those of who live in highly activated nervous system states.
- Rachel Brooks
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